Angelo Ricciardi: 1999-2010 / Martano Editore Torino

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Identifier: REF.AM.1193
Object type: Books
Dimensions: 128, [31] p. ; col. ill. : 24 cm.
Copyright dates: 2011
Printed by: Tipografia Alfa
Library of Congress Subject Headings: Artists' books [sh85008302], Ricciardi, Angelo []
From Introduction: “The volume includes, in chronological sequence, a selection of the works realized between 1999, when I began my activity, and 2010. It isn’t an exhaustive catalog, nor a publication linked to a particular exhibition nor the wish to historicize the work – too few and recent years, and it wouldn’t be my task doing this-, but this is the attempt of a tale, that is to say the attempt to bring the reader into a context of artistic activity that, despite (or probably thanks to) the variety of the employed media (photography, video, design/drawing, artists’ book, collage, project, etc.) tries to become discourse, i.e. proof, of its telling, to say… If reader would like, having the curiosity or simply the time, in the second part of the book, he can look for possible answers to the questions posed by the images, through two ways: the first proposes some texts, written during these years as an integration or as a comment of my works, that are here republished courtesy of the authors; the second is represented by my notes on the works.” Also included is the artist’s bio and list of included works / notes. Contains texts by Simona Barucco, Federica Bianconi, Roberto Cascone, Franco Cipriano, Vincenzo Cuomo, Francesca Commiso, Anael Desablin, Pablo Echaurren, Francesco Galluzi, Judith Hoffberg, Vinni Lucherini, Carla Subrizi, and Robert Thill.