Aggie Weston's No.16, Winter 1979 / Richard Long

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Identifier: FA.B40.0227
Object type: Pamphlet bindings
Dimensions: 25.1 x 19 cm
Creation dates: 1979
Created by: Richard Long
Edited by: Stuart Mills
Published by: Coracle Press
Originates from: London
Black and white offset printed magazine consisting of photographs and word works by Richard Long. "The name of the magazine comes indirectly from a work by Kurt Schwitters; 'A Small Home for seamen' [sic]. I have been told that it was one Agnes Weston who found the seamen's homes in this country and I hope this magazine will likewise provide some sort of refuge."--front matter. "Photographs: A Line in England, Yorkshire 1977; Stones in Wales, Castell Gwynt 1979; A Circle in Africa Mulanje Mountain Malawi 1978."--end matter.