The Book of Takes / Paul Zelevansky

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Identifier: FA.SA4.0243
Object type: Books
Dimensions: 34 leaves; 28.5 x 22.4 cm
Creation dates: 1976
Created by: Paul Zelevansky
Originates from: New York City
Case bound book with black hide textured cover and tipped in abstract offset illustration. Title and publication information on spine; no colophon, unsigned. Book consists of commercially printed black and white offset printed text and images. "The book of Takes is a personal account of the process of extracting art from life. The external storyline, the biography, is marked by the titles within the signs...The Book of Takes is a chapter of a larger work called Jericho. It is a book within a book..."-Preface. There is a folded map located in of a pocket on the interior rear cover. "...At various points in the reading, you can locate yourself on it. It confirms the reader's physical existence inside the geography of Jericho."- [also from Preface]. Preface written by Lynn Hurwitz Zelevansky.