Parenthesis / Fine Press Book Association

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Identifier: REF.SE.1567
Dimensions: v. : ill. ; 28 cm
Creation dates: 1998
Typesetting by: MCG Communications
Library of Congress Subject Headings: Fine Press Book Association [], Small presses [sh85077700], Poetry [sh85103704], Private press books [sh85106767], Center for Book Arts (New York, N.Y.) []
First published in 1998 by the Fine Press Book Association, Parenthesis is an ongoing publication put out twice a year. Parenthesis alternates between a spring North America produced issue and an autumn United Kingdom produced issue. The North American production board originated and continues to meet around the Oak Knoll Book Fest. Actual printing of Parenthesis is done in Canada. The publications are funded primarily through membership to the Fine Press Book Association in which deluxe membership includes a parcel of items specially printed from around the world. A selection of articles from Parenthesis are available to read on their website: "Parenthesis is the Association's journal and deals broadly in fine and private press printing as well as bookbinding, typography, collecting, publishing and related areas. Richly illustrated in full color, it is published twice a year and is available free to FPBA members. While it is best known for its insightful reviews of fine press books, the magazine publishes essays, commentary, news, how-to articles and profiles of presses and personalities shaping the fine printing community. Its many contributors have included Barry Moser, John Randle, Bruce Whiteman, Sebastian Carter, Crispin Elsted, Alan Powers, Mark Dimunation, Paul W. Nash, and Kenneth Auchincloss."- Fine Press Book Association About Fine Press Book Association: "The FPBA was formed by a group of individuals sharing common interests in the art of printing, the matching of worthwhile texts with significant images and artistic expression through the structure of a book. Its goal is to promote the appreciation of such books and encourage their production. These aims are to be pursued in a number of ways including enhanced dialogue between book printers, designers and others in the book arts and the inspiration of the public at large." - Fine Press Book Association CBA Holdings Include: No. 13; August 2007 [This issue contains a review of the New York Center for Book Arts published book: New World Suite Number Three by Robert Bringhurst as well as other similar publications]