A Suite of Typographic Edibles / John Risseeuw

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Identifier: FA.B26.0254
Object type: Books
Dimensions: [7] leaves; 13.5 x 13.6 cm
Creation dates: 1973
Created by: John Risseeuw
Seven unbound, round sheets of handmade paper; with embossed, silk screened and letterpress printed text. Text on each of the leaves primarily takes the form of a very brief letter, ("Dear Dick, Dear God, Dear John, Dear I.R.S., Dear Walt"), with the last page displaying a recipe for "Sugar/Molasses cookies for edible graphics or eating". "A Suite of typographic edibles, conceived and executed by the artist in the summer of 1973 using a well-tested sugar/ molasses cookie dough as the edible medium, forty-two point Helvetica medium type for the embossments (before baking) with photo silkscreen using F.G. Okie Co. edible inks, shrink packaged in clear PVC plastic to die cut cardboard backing for protection and the preservation of freshness, each in a fairly uniform edition of ten, a product of the heart and mind of John Risseeuw of The Cabbagehead Ovens & Press."-- Introduction. "Printed as a public service on handmade paper with Helvetica in 1973..."- Recipe leaf.