Bookbindings from the library of Jean Grolier; a loan exhibition, 23 September-31 October, 1965 / The British Museum

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Identifier: REF.EC.0080
Object type: Books
Dimensions: xx, 75 p., A-K, cxxviii plates. ; 23 cm
Creation dates: 1965
Printed by: The Alden Press
Originates from: London
Library of Congress Subject Headings: Bookbinding [sh85015705]
Black-and-White images of book bindings from the Jean Grolier collection. Categories of bindings include (but are not limited to) Italian bindings, velvet bindings, and early French bindings. A detailed list of materials and visual contents accompanies each binding. Contains a list of owners (p. ix-x), a list of references (p. xix-xx), and author index (p. 74-75). Cover title: Grolier bindings. Includes bibliographies.