Divisive and Diverse: A U.S. Voting Story / Eleanor Lynch, Samantha Nuno, Caroline Thomas, Marissa Schow, Stephanie Sun, Vanessa Hayes

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Identifier: FA.B109.1895
Object type: Books
Dimensions: 6.25 x 6.25 in;15.875 x 15.875 cm
Creation dates: 2016
Printed under the direction of: Tia Blassingame
Letterpress printed using metal and wood type with linoleum cuts on Rives lightweight paper. Housed in a container made of a Langdell handmade paper. Edition 52 of 80. Signed by the artists.

"'Divisive and Diverse' was created by six students as their project of the Typography & Book Arts course at Scripps College. The theme of our class was layers of gender and semester techniques included layered printed and folded book structures. Under the supervision of Professor Blassingame, the book was printed on Rives Lightweight paper and the book's container was printed on Langdell handmade paper. It was letterpress printed using handset metal and wood type. The metal typefaces include Erhardt and Erhardt Italic, Gill Sans Small Caps, Fournier, Univers and wood type. Imagery was produced with linocuts, and the Spotify playlist was created to accentuate and accompany the physical copy of the book. Quotes found in our book were gathered from a survey we made about identity and the political climate. The majority of survey responses came from members of the Claremont University Consortium, the general public and our family and friends.

We created this book with the intent of shedding light on the history of voting rights within the United States. Our goal was to share voices not often heard within the mainstream and to build a more nuanced conversation than was offered during the polarizing 2016 election period. With the election results of Donald Trump winning the Electoral College but losing the popular vote, we must now contend with the fact that our country is greatly divided. Our hope is that this book will bring light to this division and acknowledge that we must come together. We must create spaces for open engagement and conversation with each other. We must use this as inspiration to work harder and make our voices heard. Every voice matters and this conversation is not over." -- colophon