Thomas Bird Mosher : Pirate Prince of Publishers : A Comprehensive Bibliography & Source Guide to the Mosher Books, Reflecting England's National Literature & Design / by Philip R. Bishop ; with an introduction by William E. Freedman

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Identifier: REF.BC.0064
Object type: Books
Dimensions: xvi, 536 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 29 cm
Creation dates: 1998
Created by: Philip R. Bishop
Introduction by: William E. Fredeman
Published by: Oak Knoll Press
Published in association with: The British Library
Originates from: New Castle county
Library of Congress Subject Headings: Aestheticism (Literature) [sh85001440], Books--Pirated editions [sh85032486], English literature--Publishing [sh95006903], Fine books [sh95002159], Limited editions [sh85013858], Private press books [sh85106767], Publishers' catalogs--United States [sh2008100174], Literature publishing--United States--History--20th century [sh2009129994], Literature publishing--United States--History--19th century [sh2009129993]
Discusses Thomas Bird Mosher, whom was well known for publishing books without the author's permission. With color photographs, a bibliography (p. 423-461), appendices (p. 465-486), a list of illustrations (p. 487-491), and an index (p. 493-536).