A hand papermaker's sourcebook / by Sophie Dawson and Silvie Turner

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Identifier: REF.PA.0150
Object type: Books
Dimensions: [112] p. ; 25.5 c.m
Creation dates: 1995
Also created by: Silvie Turner
Created by: Sophie Dawson
Designed by: Lone Morton
Printed by: BAS Printers Ltd.
Published by: Design Books
Originates from: New York City
Library of Congress Subject Headings: Paper, Handmade [sh85097591], Papermaking [sh85097657]
Resource for locating suppliers of papermaking equipment and materials. With brief informational sections on topics of interest to papermakers, which include (but are not limited to) the process of paper making, materials for a well equipped studio, the chemistry involved in papermaking, and health and safety hazards associated with papermaking. Includes domestic and international suppliers. With a list of papermaking workshops (p. 97-100), a list of organizations from which additional information can be obtained (p. 102-104), a glossary of papermaking terms (p. 106-112), and a list of suppliers by country (p. 109-112).