Against the Sun / Tahereh Fallahzadeh

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Identifier: FA.B120.2383
Object type: Pamphlet bindings
Dimensions: 9 x 12 in
Publication dates: 2019
Published by: Hassla Books
Softcover with stapled pamphlet bindings. 16 pages. Edition of 300. Published by Hassla Books. The work is connected to an exhibition, "Against the Sun: The photographs of Tahereh Fallahzadeh and the exhibition architecture of Fia Backström," that was on view June 5-July 6, 2019 at Baxter St at the Camera Club of New York.

“[Against The Sun] unites two photographic processes, the work of Tahereh Fallahzadeh and Fia Backström. As one of the few female photographers to pursue unorthodox and experimental photography as a mode of fine art while working in an academic context in Iran, Tahereh Fallahzadeh’s work asserts a politics and an emotional resonance unique to the history of photography. Fallahzadeh’s mostly small scale traditional darkroom photographs combine elements of collage, photograms, and chemical marks through intuitive processes in a distinct manner that feels as much rooted in the history of photography as it is in a contemporary discourse.

"Fia Backström’s work encompasses a diverse range of mediums including photography, writing, installation and performance through which she agitates the social life of language and materials. Her work oscillates between different discourses relating politics, authorship and the capacity of images to generate meaning. Backström’s work has often included unconventional exhibition designs, performative work, and frequently exists through collaboration or the incorporation of others directly into her own work.” -- The Camera Club of New York