One Sun, One Shadow / Shane Lavalette

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Identifier: FA.B119.2434
Object type: Books
Dimensions: 9 x 10.75 in
Publication dates: 2016
Created by: Shane Lavalette
Published by: Lavalette
Text by: Tim Davis
Hardcover, cloth bound book of photography of the southern United States. Title is embossed in gold on the cover. Includes text by Tim Davis.

"Shane Lavalette was commissioned by the High Museum of Art in Atlanta to create a new series of photographs for their 2012 exhibition, 'Picturing the South.' Lavalette’s monograph, One Sun, One Shadow, is an extension of this body of work. Native to the Northeast, it was primarily through traditional music — the sounds of old time, blues, and gospel — that Lavalette had formed a relationship with the South. With that in mind, the region’s rich musical history became the natural entry point for this project and the resulting photographs. One Sun, One Shadow includes a text by artist and poet Tim Davis." -- artist's statement