]0 / Constantinos Chrondros

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Identifier: FA.B44.0527
Object type: Zines
Dimensions: 17 leaves; 16.6 x 23.5 cm
Creation dates: 2008
Issue Number 1. Spiral bound, laser print-reproduced zine with photographs, drawings and pictographs that have been written into the pages of a date book. Text is primarily in Greek. There is a tan envelope included in the binding that contains three xeroxed copies of a Yahoo!Mail (all are dated 9/11/2007). The content of these emails appears to be ASCII artwork (abstract compositions of "]" and "0" characters.) On the interior rear cover, there is a tipped in tyveck envelope that contains a DVD+R, which presents a series of short, experimental videos. CBA copy also includes a letter from the artist dated December 30, 2008. "...the first issue of [0 zine...dedicated to the study of Anefology...a science dealing with anything non-feasable, non capable of being accomplished; so it has nothing to do with utopias."