7. Strip / [Walker Art Museum]

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Identifier: FA.B45.0590
Object type: Pamphlet bindings
Dimensions: 5 leaves; 14.9 x 11.5 cm
Creation dates: 2001
Published by: Walker Art Center
Published in association with: Exhibition American Tableaux
Commercially printed, color offset booklet with metal loop binding. Content consists of a short story and various essays and commentary--"Strip", Patricia Hempl--a written response to Edward Ruscha's "Every Building on the Sunset Strip", by Visual Arts Associate Curator Siri Engberg--film notes on Maya Deren's "Meshes of the Afternoon", by Film/Video Associate Curator, Shervyl Mousley, and a list of "Some books you might enjoy: "John Dos Pasos, "Manhattan Transfer" (1925)--James Baldwin, "Another Country" (1962)--Jacqueline Susann, "Valley of the Dolls" (1967)--William S. Burroughs, "The Wild Boys: A Book of the Dead" (1971)--Charles Bukowski, "Hollywood" (1989). "Strip"-- American Tableau Number 7, May 2002.