Aureole to Zingaresca / Maureen Cummins

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Identifier: FA.B51.0671
Object type: Pamphlet bindings
Dimensions: 14 leaves; 31.7 x 22 cm
Creation dates: 1994
Created by: Maureen Cummins
Typesetting by: Eriko Takahashi, Adam Zucker
Originates from: New York City
CBA copy 2. Number 14 in an Edition of 50. Pamphlet bound book with loose paper wrapper; letterpress printed with color illustrations. "Aureole to Zingaresca was printed in the Fall of 1994 with support from, and facilities provided by, the Center for Book Arts. The type is Century Schoolbook, with initial caps from wood type. Both type and color woodblock illustrations were printed letterpress on handmade paper, with typesetting assistance from Eriko Takahashi & Adam Zucker. Copies numbered 1-25 were printed for patron members of the Center for Book Arts. Copies numbered 26-50 are reserved for publication. You hold copy 10."--Colophon.