Another Day on Earth / Delphi Basilicato; Kim Addonizio

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Identifier: FA.SA2.0840
Object type: Chapbooks
Dimensions: 7 cm [diameter] x 34 cm [height]
Creation dates: 2009
Created by: Delphi Basilicato
Text by: Kim Addonizio
CBA copy 1; Number 7 in an Edition of 100, signed by the poet and artist. Cylindrical column consisting of three layers of vertically scrolled sheets of paper. The outermost layer is letterpress printed and illustrated vellum; the second layer is crinkled Japanese paper that has been painted and coated in beeswax; the third layer is a letterpress printed broadside that contains four original poems by Addonizio. "Designed and printed by Delphi Basilicato as the judge's book from the 2009 chapbook competition. Printed on Masa paper with waxed Ururyu cover and a vellum wrapper. Set in Franklin Book and Centaur. The edition is 100 signed and numbered copies..."--Colophon.