A Tribute to William Addison Dwiggins / W.A. Dwiggins; Inkwell Press

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Identifier: FA.B56.0860
Object type: Books
Dimensions: [153] pages; 24 x 16.2 cm
Creation dates: 1983
Designed by: Vincent Torre
Edited by: Julia Strand
Edition of 500; Privately printed for the Friends of Hermann Puterschein at the Inkwell Press. Case bound book with illustrated front cover; title on spine. Contains essays in tribute to designer and typographer William Addison Dwiggins (1880-1956). "Color for Bookbindings (A Letter to Alfred A. Knopf, circa 1940)", W.A. Dwiggins--"Dwiggins's [sic] Experimental Winchester Unicial", Dorothy Abbe--"WAD: 1880-1980 (A speech delivered at the Boston Public Library), Warren Chappell--"WAD: A Recollection [Of Bouquets, Borzois and Paraphs]", Charles E. Skaggs--"WAD: A Remembrance", Meyer Miller--"Dwiggins and the Plimpton Press", Harry F. Howard--"William Addison Dwiggins", John O.C. McCrillis--"Dwiggins and the Machines", Dwight Agner--"W.A. Dwiggins", Robert D. Scudellari--"WAD as Lettering Artist: Pattern and Motion", Paul Shaw--"The Ghost of WAD", Mary M. Ahern--"Dwiggins's Pen", Vincent Torre. "...Printed and bound by The Haddon Craftsman, Scranton, Pennsylvania. The paper is Perkins & Squier Offset, courtesy of Gorton Baldwin, Jr. The text is set in Linotype Electra by Fuller Typesetting of Lancaster, Pennsylvannia, courtesy of Joe Yacobenas and Matin Bauman. Display type was set by Maryland Linotype Composition Company, Inc. Baltimore, Maryland, courtesy of Joe Eagle and Julien Meyer. Bound in Buckram made by Joanna-Western Mills Co., courtesy of Albert H.Claybugh. The binding cloth was printed by Lunn Art Offset Corp., New York, courtesy of Walter Lynn. Editorial; Julia Strand. Design and production; Vincent Torre."--Colophon.