Poems and Visual Art / Soehl Middle School

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Identifier: FA.OSS2.0310
Object type: Pamphlet bindings
Dimensions: 17 leaves; 43.5 x 28.2 cm
Creation dates: 1995
Pamphlet bound with blue wrappers and Japanese stab binding. Book contains original poetry accompanied by multi-color, semi-abstract print illustrations [laser print?]. "The prints and poems in this book were created during the weeks of Jun3 26th to July 7th by 6th, 7th and 8th grade students at Soehl Middle School in Linden, New Jersey as part of a Title One basic skills summer. With the help of Tony Taddei (a writer) and Howard Berelson (a visual artist) students were guided through specific and detailed aspects of creating personal art."--introductory text].