Alice in Ribbons / Judith Farley Upjohn; Barbara Friedman

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Identifier: FA.OSS2.0886
Object type: Pamphlet bindings
Dimensions: 37 leaves; 33.2 x 26.5 cm
Designed by: A.S.C. Rower
Illustrated by: Barbara Friedman
Published by: Flockophobic Press
Unumbered edition of 200, signed by Barbara Friedman. Pamphlet bound with white paper wrappers. Book consists of letterpress printed text, of which the type is predominantly black, with some type in red, green, blue, and brown. "Art- Barbara Friedman, Text- Judith Farley Upjohn, Design- A.S.C. Rower". CBA copy appears to be incomplete, with no woodcut prints or hard cover binding.