Pictorial Websters: A Visual Dictionary of Curiosities / John M.Carrera

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Identifier: FA.B59.0898
Object type: Books
Dimensions: xxv, 483 p.; 19 x 15 cm
Creation dates: 2009
Created by: John M. Carrera
Designed by: Eloise Leigh
Inspired by: Noah Webster
Published by: Chronicle Books
Library of Congress Subject Headings: Printing--United States--History [sh2008110006]
Commercially published, case bound book with green, illustrated and copper foil stamped cover. Overprinted text endpapers; this volume is accompanied by an inset illustrated book plate, signed by the author. This book features over 1500 engravings that were originally displayed in the pages of 19th century Websters Dictionaries; images therein were reproduced either from wood engraving blocks, printed metal electrotypes or were digitally captured and added to this trade edition. Published by Chronicle Books. Cover design and typesetting by Eloise Leigh. Contents: Artist's introduction -- A-Z engravings from nineteenth-century Merriam-Webster dictionaries -- & twentieth-century images -- Pancreas -- Notes and commentary -- Original Webster's production -- Black field blocks -- Index numbers -- The tools -- Andrew's Wiggle -- Pictorial progression -- Specific notes on engravings and errata -- Webster, G. & C. Merriamm, and the illustrated dictionary -- Dictionary timeline -- Pictorial Webster's: sourcebook for creativity -- Hypothesis of memory and thought as repeated and compared pattern -- Adam's glossary -- Artist's annotated bibliography.