Center for Book Arts Broadsides Reading Series [2001] / Robin Lewis; Roni Gross []; The Center for Book Arts

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Identifier: FA.OSB7.0919
Object type: Broadsides
Dimensions: portfolio: 41 x 29 cm; prints: [various sizes]
Creation dates: 2001
Depicts: Nancy Loeber
Illustrated by: Rory Golden, Peter Schell
CBA copy 3. Bound portfolio with green printed paper and green cloth spine, and green grosgrain tie closures. Portfolio contains eighteen illustrated broadsides (some are duplicates, as indicated below). Each image was created in response to a poem, and this work was collaboratively created with multiple authors and artists. Works included, "excerpt from the story, "She Has Eight Arms, But Only Shows Me Two," Robin Lewis; printed by Roni Gross [2 copies]-"Dream Extraction," Lila Zemborain; Delphi Basilicato-- Gerry Gomez Pearlberg; Roni Gross-- "Altered States," Lisa Jarnot; Rory Golden; Roni Gross [2 copies]--"When What ifs Flood In," Matthew Burgess; Jan Tshihold; Roni Gross--"Message from the Vessel in a Dream," Christopher Luna; Subtexture--"And It Came to Pass (Not to Stay)," Jacqueline Waters, Roni Gross [2 copies]--"Beached Debris (I)," Claudia Rankine; Soon-hyun Kang; Jamie A. Eidsath--"Produce, Produce," Susan Wheeler; Nicole Petrillo; Cassandra Victor--"Good Sheep," Heather Ramsdell; Russell Maret; Martin Majoor--"A Man of Two," Edwin Torres; Joshua Lynn--"excerpt from the poem "Cinematic Neurosis: An American Journal," Tonya Foster; Nancy Loeber; Rachelle Street--"Wolf Shadow," Jeffrey Yang; Stacy La Mell; Paolo Javier--"Door in the Mountain," Jean Valentine; Peter Schell; Roni Gross [2 copies].