Center for Book Arts Broadsides Reading Series [2001] / The Center for Book Arts

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Identifier: FA.OSB5.0924
Object type: Broadsides
Dimensions: portfolio: 41 x 29 cm; prints: [various sizes]
Creation dates: 2001
Typography by: Gudrun Zapf von Hesse
CBA copy 1. Red, pink and green marbled paper covered board portfolio with a green quarter cloth spine and green grosgrain tie closures. Portfolio contains thirteen illustrated broadsides. Each image was created in response to a poem, and this work was collaboratively created with multiple authors and artists. Works included,"Dream Extraction," Lila Zemborain; Delphi Basilicato--"And It Came to Pass (Not to Stay)," Jacqueline Waters, Roni Gross--Produce, Produce," Susan Wheeler; Nicole Petrillo; Cassandra Victor--"Message from the Vessel in a Dream," Christopher Luna; Subtexture--excerpt from "She Has Eight Arms, But Only Shows Me Two," Robin Lewis; Roni Gross; Rory Golden--"Good Sheep," Heather Ramsdell; Russell Maret; Martin Majoor--"Wolf Shadow," Jeffrey Yang;Stacy La Mell; Paolo Javier--excerpt from the poem "Cinematic Neurosis: An American Journal," Tonya Foster; Nancy Loeber; Rachelle Street--"When What ifs Flood In," Matthew Burgess; Jan Tshihold; Roni Gross--"Altered States," Lisa Jarnot; Rory Golden; Roni Gross--"Beached Debris (I)," Claudia Rankine; Soo-hyun Kang; Jamie A. Eidsath--"Door in the Mountain," Jean Valentine; Peter Schell; Roni Gross--"A Man of Two," Edwin Torres; Joshua Lynn.