About Matches / Marilyn R. Rosenberg

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Identifier: FA.B69.0934
Object type: Accordion books
Dimensions: [closed]: 8 x 6 cm
Creation dates: 1986
Published in association with: International Society of Copier Artists (ISCA)
CBA copy 1 of 2. Edition of 225 (plus artist's proof). Accordion fold structure with staple fold binding; assembled to resemble a match book. Book consists of double side electrographically printed leaves that present a visual poem "...about matches, such as pears (the fruit) and other pairs and matches..."-[Artist's statement via email to the Center, 7/30/2010]. Cover is printed on ocher paper, the first page is printed on red paper, and the subsequent signature is printed on light yellow paper. "Created for...ISCA Quarterly, Vol.4, No.4, 1986, p.707 (Artists' Books). Part of the Fractured Tract and Alliteration, Acrostic & Anagram Series"--[Ibid.]