10 Maps for the Eternal Network / Vittore Baroni

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Identifier: FA.B63.0947
Object type: Mail Art
Dimensions: 12 sheets : ill. ; 30 x 21 cm
Creation dates: December 2007
Created by: Vittore Baroni
Mail art piece created by the artist upon invitation by Anna Banana on occasion of The Center for Book Art's exhibition, "Mapping Correspondence: Mail Art in the 21st Century". Graphics and text photocopied, front and back, on twelve loose sheets of various colored card stock. Signed by the artist. Each map is titled and numbered, with contributing artists noted: Map 1, Before and After Mail Art; Vittore Baroni / Map 2, Organic Tree of Creative Networking; Vittore Baroni / Map 3, Networker Logo; Vittore Baroni & Gianluca Lerici / Map 4, Mail Art Synopsis; Vittore Baroni / Map 5, Decentralized World-Wide Networker Congress Signpost; Vittore Baroni, Mark Pawson, HR Fricker, Peter Kaufmann / Map 6, Art in Europe; Piermario Ciani / Map 7, Mail Art Elephant; Emilio Morandi / Map 8, Mail Art Street Map; FaGaGaGa / Map 9, Planet Mailo; Keith Bates / Map 10, Dodo not Dada; Vittore Baroni.