New, Improved / Jane Freeman

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Identifier: FA.B11.0149
Object type: Altered books
Dimensions: 16 leaves; 24.3 x 22.8 cm (9 1/2 x 9 inches)
Creation dates: 1985
Created by: Jane Freeman
Altered, case bound Sotheby Parke- Bernet Inc. fine art auction catalog (Johnson Collection, January 8 1981); with brown book cloth and hand-painted cover; signed and dated by the artist. Each page (verso/recto) has been heavily overpainted and scumbled with layers of acrylic and gouache paint that obscures and/or reveals parts of the landscape paintings and text presented in the catalog. Images and well as other found bits of ephemera such as an adhesive sticker template and a commercially printed, "hell bank note" have also been tipped in. The last page in the book has five hole punch holes on the outer vertical edge.