Danica Jojich: Marble Pillows / Danica Jojich; McMaster Museum of Art.

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Identifier: REF.EC.0891
Object type: Books
Dimensions: 79 p. : ill. : 28 cm.
Publication dates: 1997
Describes: Danica Jojich
Was created in: Ontario province
Catalog published in accordance with an exhibition of "Marble Pillows" by sculptress Danica Jojich at the McMaster Museum of Art in Ontario, Canada, from February 25 to April 7, 1996. "A carved white marble pillow placed on my father's grave site as a monument began the process of 'Marble Pillows'."..."A subtle interweaving of palimpsest-like references to these ephemeral but wholly fundamental states of feeling, emotion and intellect undulate throughout..."---from the catalogue