Literacy Through the Book Arts / Paul Johnson

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Identifier: REF.BB.1144
Object type: Books
Dimensions: 156 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Copyright dates;Publication dates: 1993;1993
Created by: Paul Johnson
Published by: Heinemann
Library of Congress Subject Headings: Child artists [sh85023523]
Paperback. Includes introduction, appendix, illustrations and photographs, and Works Cited. From the back cover: "Parents and teachers are shown what children are capable of achieving in words, illustrations, and design... Using simple, easy-to-follow instructions, supported throughout with clear diagrams and examples of children's work, the author demonstrates how scores of different book forms can be made from a single sheet of paper." Contents: Introduction: Book Beginnings... Part One: The Book Puzzle; The Two Literacies; The Psychology of the Fold. Part Two: The Concertina Explicated; The Concertina Expanded; The Extended Concertina. Part Three: The Origami Continuum; Origami Themes and Variations; Origami Pop-Up Book. Part Four: Making Books Work. Conclusion: Book Ends...