Airan Kang: Digital Book Project / Airan Kang

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Identifier: REF.EC.1152
Object type: Books
Dimensions: 87 p. : col. ill. ; 28 cm.
Copyright dates: 2004
Depicts: Airan Kang
Printed by: SamsungPrint
Published by: A&A
Library of Congress Subject Headings: Exhibition catalogs [sh97004371]
This is the catalog for The Digital Book Project exhibition by Airan Kang. According to Kang, the objective of this project was “to provide a new meaning of time and space to human beings who are entering the digital era, and to redefine the meaning of a book that represents the history of human knowledge…My book is not just a simple object. It is a temporal space. It is a virtual reality that is shaped by an infinitely expanding depth, width, and volume that defies the meaning introspected in its sentences...The installation of my artwork consists of four major components: ‘object’ books, digital print and interactive video works. The digital book project begins with an image of a library filled with books. The ‘objects’ books are made transparent through a plastic making process. To illuminate the ‘objects’ from within, Led as a lighting device is installed in each of them. By representing the information of books in the form of images, the digital book project creates a new space that integrates the realistic and virtual sphere.” Included are essays by Shin-Eui Park and Raul Zamudio, as well as the artist’s biography. Also included is a separate letter about the exhibit from the artist.