A Companion Volume to the Project Bronx Lot Florilegium / Bob Braine and Leslie Reed

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Identifier: REF.GEC5.1194
Object type: Books
Dimensions: 24 p. ; col. ill. : 16 cm.
Creation dates: 2005
Designed by: Bethany Johns
Photographs by: Becket Logan
Printed by: Prestone Printing
Published in association with: Bronx River Art Center
Was created in: New York City
Library of Congress Subject Headings: Exhibition catalogs [sh97004371]
This is the catalog for an exhibition held at Wave Hill from June 11-August 28, 2005 as well as at the Bronx River Art Center from September 16-October 22, 2005. From Inside cover: “Bronx Lot Florilegium is a multi-part project focused on the diverse, yet overlooked, plant life flourishing on the edges of the Bronx. Artists Bob Braine and Leslie Reed combined discovery, research and observation with their artistic skills to uncover three thriving ecosystems within one abandoned lot, where a wide range of native and invasive plants flourish. Their findings are compiled in the “Bronx Lot Florilegium” which is on view with a selection of original drawings, photographs, and the Wardian Case housing specimens. This booklet accompanies the exhibit with an essay by Michael Crewdson, author of “Wild New York”, selected drawings and descriptions from the Florilegium, and writings by the artists.” Included at the back of the catalog is a Bronx Lot Florilegium plant list.