Alphabet Thesaurus, Vol. 3 / Edward Rondthaler, ed.

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Identifier: REF.TS.1334
Object type: Books
Dimensions: xvi, 500 p. : of facsims. ; 31 cm.
Copyright dates: 1971
Library of Congress Subject Headings: Photo-Lettering Inc. [], Type specimens [sh2001009210]
"Much of the brilliant lettering in use today is the result of a collaboration between Photo-Lettering and the recognized stars of the lettering world. Our close cooperation with these artists achieves a dual purpose. It stimulates further creative effort on their part (a condition essential to the long range vitality of the art) and, at the same time, makes their designs available to you in a commercially practical form. The wide artistic preferences of these individual letterers are reflected in an equally wide variety of alphabets: some were dashed off spontaneously in a moment of brilliance, others are the result of months of study and revision, still others were drawn for special purposes. Regardless of its origin every letter is a faithful facsimile of the designer's original and may be used with full confidence in its authenticity." - from front matter Each type face is indicated by a sample line of text reflecting 3+ settings. Index included at back.