The New York State Small Press Association Book Catalog / New York State Small Press Association an affiliate of The Promise of Learnings, Inc.

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Identifier: REF.SE.1401
Dimensions: v. : ill. ; 21 cm.
Creation dates: 1979
Library of Congress Subject Headings: Small presses [sh85077700], Book industries and trade--Bibliography [sh85015618], New York State Small Press Association []
A book catalog of small press books listed by genre and alphabetically by press. "The majority of independent publishers agree that the greatest difficulty they face is distribution. The editing, design, and manufacture of a book present the neophyte publisher with problems, but few of them are insurmountable. Getting the book into the hands of the reader, once it has become a reality, is a different story. We at the New York State Small Press Association have inaugurated a distribution project to make sure that first class literature doesn't get lost in the current rush for the blockbuster best-seller. The fact is, we don't care if a book sells a million copies. We do care intensely about good writing-- the book of poetry or first novel that may have been published in an edition of as few as 500 copies. And we're convinced that there's a readership out there which shares our passion for quality literature. We take great pleasure in bringing some of that literature to you in a format and style we hope you'll agree is unique." - New York State Small Press Assoc. CBA holdings include two copies: Fall 1979 and Spring 1980.