A Guide to the Collecting and Care of Original Prints / Carl Zigrosser and Christa M. Gaehde

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Identifier: REF.CP.1424
Object type: Books
Dimensions: 120 p. : illus. ; 21 cm.
Copyright dates: 1965
Cover art by: William Metzig
Published by: Crown Publishers Inc.
Published in association with: The Print Council of America
Was created in: New York City
Library of Congress Subject Headings: Conservation [sh99005329], Preservation [sh99005403]
"Here is a guide for both the beginner and the experienced collector of prints, an informed introduction to prints and collecting, written by an outstanding authority. first, explaining exactly what prints are, Mr. Zigrosser goes on to discuss why they are collected and the various techniques that bring them into being. He provides information on the making of a print, on recognizing an original print, the sources of prints, how to evaluate them, and when and where to obtain sound advice. The artist's and the dealer's roles in the collecting of prints are discussed, and there is a bibliography, as well as a glossary of terms and techniques. Expert restorer Christina M. Gaehde has contributed a section on the care, restoration, and framing of prints..." -- front matter Contents: Preface -- For the Collector (what are fine prints; the techniques of printmaking; the advantages of collecting prints; advice to collectors; bibliography) -- The Print as an Original (original vs reproduction; fraudulent practices) -- The Historical Background of Originality -- Glossary of Terms Relating to Prints (techniques of printmaking; other terms relating to prints) -- The Artist and the Print Maker (the need for standard procedures; resolution by the International Congress of Plastic Arts; definition adopted by the French National Committee on Engraving) -- The Dealer and the Print Market (the qualifications of a dealer; auctions; appraisals; a code of standards; tariff act and regulations; code of dealers' standards) -- The Care and Conservation of Fine Prints (by Christa M. Gaehde) -- Print Council of America