Art Metropole, Catalogue Number 14, 1991 / Art Metropole

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Identifier: REF.EC.1547
Object type: Books
Dimensions: 62 p. : 27 cm.
Creation dates: 1991
Cover art by: Garry Neill Kennedy
Designed by: Margaret Brunet
Edited by: Susan Watterson
Printed by: Delta Web Graphics
Published by: Art Metropole
Was created in: Toronto
Library of Congress Subject Headings: Art Metropole [], Art--Catalogs [sh85007469]
1991 Catalog for Art Metropole. "Art Metropole is an artist directed non-profit organization specializing in materials related to the avant-garde practice, particularly multiple format and media-related works." Contents: Artists' Bookworks & Personal Catalogues -- Group Catalogues & Anthologies -- Artists' Multiples -- Audio Works -- Video Works -- Art Metropoles' VHS Videotape Series -- Periodicals -- Trade Publications