Hand at Work, Mind at Peace / Miriam Cassell

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Identifier: FA.B22.0252
Object type: Miniature books
Dimensions: 8 cards; 13 x 12 cm
Creation dates: 1994
Created by: Miriam Cassell
Originates from: Sarasota
Book consists of eight double sided laminated cards connected via a brass chain; embellished with a black ribbon with a repeating gold star pattern. Each verso presents a panel of laser printed collage with hand colored and stitched elements; each recto contains gold stars and stitched elements. "This unique and original Book Art created by Miriam Cassell is not just a greeting card. Since each card is handmade and signed by the artist, no two are exactly the same. Some cards have actually become collectibles with considerable value..."--Introductory text on cover.