Exhibition catalog for "Book Architecture"

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Identifier: AAR.EC.0042
Object type: Books
Dimensions: 1 vol., unpaged ; 16 x 23 cm.
Creation dates: 1985
Cover art by: Barbara Mauriello
Designed by: Laurie Szujewska
Published in association with: Center for Book Arts
Was created in: New York City
Library of Congress Subject Headings: Artists' books [sh85008302], Exhibition catalogs [sh97004371]
Catalog for the "Book Architecture" exhibition held at The Metropolitan Museum of Art Thomas J. Watson Library from March 5 - 29, 1985. The exhibition was sponsored by the Center for Book Arts. Curated by Richard Minsky. CBA has two copies.

"This exhibition contains work done during the last decade. The structure and form of the book are primary to the value of the works. Some, such as Gary Frost's 'Five Binding Structures' and Heidi Kyle's 'April Diary', are directly about forms as content. For others the choice of form relates to the contents or function of the book...Several of the works are accompanied by supporting material...In all the works in this exhibit we see the vision of artists who regard the book as more than a container for literary or visual information." - Richard Minsky, Curator

Featured artists: Douglas Beube, Phyllis Bilick, Nat Dean, Mindell Dubansky, Joan Flasch, Gary Frost, Maria Grandinette, Ric Haynes, Randolph Hunt, Hedi Kyle, Jenny Leimert, Barbara Mauriello, Richard Minsky, Jan Paris, Susan Joy Share, Pamela Spitzmueller, Stella Waitzkin.