Artists of the Book 1988: A Facet of Modernism, A Traveling Exhibition of the New England Foundation for the Arts / The Boston Athanaeum

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Identifier: REF.GEC1.0210
Object type: Books
Dimensions: 40 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.
Copyright dates: 1988
Cover art by: Donald Glaister
Designed by: David Ford
Foreword by: Donald C. Kelley
Introduction by: Peter A. Wick
Photographs by: Clive Russ, Eeva Inkeri
Published by: The Boston Athenaeum
Was created in: Boston
Library of Congress Subject Headings: Exhibition catalogs [sh97004371], Artists' books [sh85008302]
Catalog for the traveling exhibition "Artists of the Book 1988: A Facet of Modernism" by the New England Foundation for the Arts. The exhibition was held at the Boston Athenaeum from June 15-August 19, 1988. "In 'Artists of the Book 1988: A Facet of Modernism', the Boston Athenaeum has endeavored to present the current trends in designer bookmaking. Among books of the artist-craftsmen in the exhibit are examples of book-bindings in the traditional mould and avant-garde, livres d'artiste, private press books, calligraphy, typography, papermaking, graphic illustration, and extreme fantasies combining text, images, and binding...In this exhibit the wide range of bookmaking in this decade is displayed in the hope that the tensions between traditional craft and the creative extremes of the Artist's Book will be elucidated." - Introduction