Artists' Book Yearbook / Impact Press

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Identifier: REF.SE.0562
Dimensions: vols. : ill. ; 30 cm
Creation dates: 1995
Depicts: Sarah Bodman
Designed by: Sarah Bodman
Published by: Impact Press
Was created in: Bristol
Library of Congress Subject Headings: Artists' books [sh85008302]
The Artist's Book Yearbook was established in 1994 by contributing editors Tanya Peixoto, John Bently, Stephanie Brown and Stefan Szczelkun. The journal continues to be published on a biennial basis. The Yearbook's focus is to offer book artists an opportunity to read critical essays by writers and artists, to gain an overview of artist's book production, and to encourage greater discussion and awareness of book arts, particularly in the UK. The publication includes essays and information on aspects of the book arts, artists' listings, information on book arts galleries, archives and collections, book arts courses, events, journals, bibliographies and reference publications, studios and websites, with book arts contributors from around the world. For more info, visit: Center Holdings Include: 2001-2002