2011 Center Broadside Reading Series / The Center for Book Arts

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Identifier: FA.OSB3.1270
Object type: Broadsides
Dimensions: (15 1/4 x 13 inches)
Creation dates: 2011
Published in association with: Center for Book Arts Broadsides Reading Series
Was created in: New York City
CBA copy 1. brown with blue marbled edging, letterpress printed flap-fold portfolio; contains 13 poetry broadsides, each an edition of 100, signed by the poets; various dimensions.

Broadsides feature collaborations between poets and artists for the 2010 Center for Book Arts Reading Series. Poets and artists include, "Infinite Love," Dana Ward / Nancy Loeber; "Wordpainting", Wang Wei / Amber McMillan; "Theme Park" (2 copies), Douglas Crase / James Walsh; "Poor Waif 1", Corina Copp / Meg Quarton; "Tangerina", Paolo Javier / Kimberly McClure; "Confessions of a Recycled Shopping Bag", John Yau / Alisa Ochoa; "Absurd Regrets", Jessica Elsaesser / Roni Gross; "Jonathan Franzen", Eileen Myles / Delphi Basilicato; "Ca Conrad 'Preternatural Conversatons' ", CA Conrad / Richard O'Russa; untitled (after falling the small animal), Elizabeth Zuba / Alisa Ochoa; untitled, from "Hello, The Roses", Mei-mei Berssenbrugge / Barbara Henry; untitled (the print darkens over time), Susan Howe.