Birds of America 2010 Supplement / Redacted : Double Reared Edition / Billy Ocallaghan

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Identifier: FA.B88.1336
Object type: Pamphlet bindings
Dimensions: 24 p. : col. ill. ; 25 x 19 cm.
Creation dates: 2010
Created by: Billy Ocallaghan
Published by: Printed Matter
Was created at: San Francisco
24 p. full photographic color digital pigment print on super heavyweight matte paper, bound with archival tape and stainless steel staples. Edition of 200, signed. "A pocket supplement to the original 1838 edition of John J. Audubon’s The Bird’s of America, this full-color zine catalogs twelve new species of bird which have appeared in the United States since Audubon’s day. A sign of the times, these new birds are cultural rather than biological in origin, and include contemporary birds present in hand signals, folk art, as well as various species prevalent in the corporate cartoon. The straightforward pencil crayon illustrations are as appropriate to their purpose as Audubon’s originals. Also contains a handy ‘redacted’ section of birds present in Audubon’s original book whose entries are, sadly, no longer relevant." - from