Sechsundzwanzig Autobahn Flaggen / Michalis Pichler

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Identifier: FA.B92.1404
Object type: Perfect bindings
Dimensions: 1 vol., unpaged : ill ; 18 x 14 cm.
Creation dates: 2006
Created by: Michalis Pichler
Printed by: Sapnu Sala
Published by: Revolver
Was created in: Berlin
Subject: photography
"Series of photographs shot in July 2006 out of the window of a car driving on highways A100 and A115 (AVUS) in Berlin, focusing on German flags which had been mounted on cars before. Because of the mostly high speed there was little or no possibility of composing the frame.The sometimes hardly distinguishable flags provide a background for the apparent randomness in each photography. The book comes with transparent wrappers." - from