Japanese colour prints / by Laurence Binyon and J.J. O'Brien Sexton.

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Identifier: REF.PM.1870
Object type: Books
Dimensions: vi, 236 p. : 46 plates ; 29 cm.
Copyright dates: 1954
Also created by: J. J. O'Brien Sexton
Created by: Laurence Binyon
Library of Congress Subject Headings: Art, Japanese [sh85007726], Printmaking, creating with the arts [http://id.loc.gov/authorities/names/n83734394]
"In each chapter we give an account, with such biographical details as are available, from Japanese sources, of the artists beginning work within the period covered by the chapter. These data are followed by an account of the movement of Ukiyo-ye during the period, and an appreciation of the chief works produced. he body of the work is prefaced by tables to facilitate the reading of dated books and prints; an account of the censorship of prints; a table of the mon of the Yedo actors during the 18th century; and a table of publisher's trade-marks and seals."-- from preface.

Includes index and list of illustrations.

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