Idaville / Emily Blair

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Identifier: FA.B85.1581
Object type: Books
Dimensions: 24 x 16 cm
Publication dates: 2010
Affiliation with Center for Book Arts: Emily Blair
Created by: Emily Blair
Printed by: Booklyn
Published by: Booklyn
Depicts: Brooklyn
Stapled binding. Letterpress cover, offset printed interior. Published by Booklyn Artists Alliance, 2010. 44 pages. Center's copy is #738 of edition of 750. The ninth chapbook in Booklyn's series, Idaville by Emily Blair is an illustrated short story about a boy detective who never grew up and a girl who did. For Leroy, solutions have always been as easy as flipping to the back of the book, but he knows he can't crack his new case without his partner Sally at his side. Will he find her again, and if he does, will she help him? Price: USD 15.00 Publisher: Booklyn Imprint