World Works / Peter Spaans

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Identifier: FA.B102.1734
Object type: Books
Dimensions: closed: 5.8 x 8.25 in; 15 x 21 cm; fully unfolded: 8.25 x 31 in; 15 x 78 cm
Creation dates: 2013
Created by: Peter Spaans
Published by: UNCONART
Sheet 10: World Works Series 7 #3 Signed by the artist. From colophon: Work in Progress (ends december 31, 2013). Approximately 250 printed pages 61,5 x 91,5 cm. Mixed media / inkjet prints / book. Starting point works (art, photographs, archive, writings, film, paintings, models, letters, books) all connected to and made by Peter Spaans and found footage on the internet (news items and photographs). Photography in all its forms: digital and analogue, scanning all kind of material with the fladbed [sic] scanner and slides and negatives with the slide scanner and use of images from the internet (news items 1953-2013). From Peter Spaans website: World Works is a biographical archive, a visual search for knowledge and beauty, evoking questions about the movement of time and my changing consciousness during the past 60 years of my existence. World Works unravels the sixty years of my life as a complex whole that unveils my esthetic preferences, thus evoking questions about what touches, fascinates and provokes me. Things I want to share with others.