Sur les pas d'Erik Satie / Shirley Sharoff

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Identifier: FA.SA5.1757
Object type: Books
Dimensions: 21 x 23 cm; 8.25 x 9.125
Creation dates: 2016
Created by: Shirley Sharoff
Subjects: cutouts, engravings
Nine pamphlets with engravings and cut-outs. Housed in cover and silver box. In English and French. Translation of colophon: Designed by Shirley Sharoff who also produced the cut-outs and thirteen engravings. The French text by Erik Satie and his friends has been translated into English by the artist and David Sharp. Composed by hand with mobile lead in Baskerville and printed at the workshop Vincent Auger in Paris. The engravings were made at the Rene Taze workshop. The boxes were made by Marie-Christine Kreziac. Edition 9 of 30.