Code(x) + 1 Monograph Series, No. 11: The Timeless Art Of Allowing Books To Thrive / Robert Bringhurst and Ulises Carrion

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Identifier: FA.B103.1766
Object type: Books
Dimensions: 7.75 x 5.5 in; 19.75 x 14 cm
Copyright dates: 2015
Published by: The CODEX Foundation
No. 11 (series 1) in a monograph series devoted to the subject of book and print culture under the editorial direction of the Codex Publications Advisory Board. From the title page verso: "500 copies were designed & printed by Peter Rutledge Koch with the assistance of Jonathan Gerken and Dina Pollack." From the Code(x) website: "Poet and essayist Robert Bringhurst interrogates (posthumously) the Mexican writer Ulises Carrion by interleaving his responses to Carrion's famous manifesto 'The New Art of Making Books' in the form of a conversation. To quote Bringhurst in his introduction, 'Carrion...was plainspoken and full of real ideas. My own predilections are different from his, and so we disagree on many fronts, yet he is lucid and articulate -- and therefore someone I can talk to, dead or alive.'"