A Guide to Japanese Prints and Their Subject Matter / Basil Stewart

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Identifier: REF.AM.2024
Object type: Books
Dimensions: 381 S : Abb ; 1 Bd.
Publication dates: 1979
Created by: Basil Stewart
A comprehensive, detailed coverage of Japanese prints. This Dover Edition is an unabridged republication of the work originally published by E. P. Dutton and Company, New York, in 1922, with the title Subjects Portrayed in Japanese Colour-Prints and the subtitle "A Collector's Guide to All the Subjects Illustrated Including an Exhaustive Account of the Chushingura and Other Famous Plays, Together with a Causerie on the Japanese Theatre." The main subject themes illustrated in the 274 black-and-white pictures include: Landscape--Hokusai's 36 Views of Fuji; Hiroshige's 53 Stations of the Tokaido; The Hak'Kei, or 8 views; The Hundred Famous Views of Yedo, etc. Figure Studies--Courtesans and geisha by Utamaro, Kiyonaga, Shuncho, etc. Theatrical Subjects and Actor Portraits--The Chunshingura, most famous, most often illustrated Japanese Kabuki drama; popular costumed actors; the Sugawara Tragedy. Historical Subjects, Legends, Stories--Chinese and Japanese history, ghost stories, celebrated legendary warriors. -- back cover Includes additional information on The Dating of Japanese Prints, List of Ukiyoye Artists and Artists' Signatures. Also includes bibliography and index.