About Alphabets: Some Marginal Notes on Type Design / Hermann Zapf

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Identifier: REF.TY.2049
Object type: Books
Dimensions: 140 p. : ill. ; 17.7 cm
Copyright dates;Copyright dates;Creation dates: 1960;1970;August 1970
Created by: Hermann Zapf
Drawings by: Gi Neuert-Hoffmann
Preface by: Paul Standard
Published by: MIT Press
Was created in: Cambridge
"This is a revised edition of the Typophile Chap Book No. 37 first issued 1960, which was originally based on the idea of the late Paul A. Bennett, New York, and translated by Paul Standard. Designed by the author, set in Linotype Optima, and printed in offset by Ludwig Oehms, at Franksfurt a.M., and bound by the Lassetter bindery, Hamburg, Germany." Colophon Includes bibliography of works and publications by Hermann Zapf [p. 90]. Includes bibliography of works about by Hermann Zapf [p. 98]. Typeface examples throughout.