50 Drawings / Guy Davenport

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Identifier: FA.B21.0356
Object type: Books
Dimensions: 21 x 31 cm;8 1/4 x 12 1/8 inches
Creation dates: 1996
Created by: Guy Davenport
Printed by: Barry Magid
Published by: Dim Gray Bar Press
Typesetting by: Johnathan Greene
Was created in: New York City
Number 34 in an Edition of 100; case bound with black cloth and silver title/author embossing on front cover; with a buff paper, illustrated dust jacket that depicts two stylized figures in profile.

Collected set of drawings by Davenport reproduced in black and white. Includes an introduction by Davenport that gives an account his experience drawing and painting and how those fit into his written work.

"50 Drawings was printed in an edition of 100 copies at the Center For Book Arts in New York City by Barry Magid. The type was set in Adobe Lithos by Jonathan Greene, and both the text and the drawings printed letterpress from polymer plates on Johannot Paper. The binding is by Campbell-Logan Bindery in Minneapolis..."--Colophon. Thematically, imagery in the book ranges from antiquity, 19th century machines, notable historical figures, cartoon sketches, reproductions of magazine cover illustrations by Davenport, figure illustrations of young boys and men, some erotic in nature.