'Monotype' Keyboard Manual / The National Committee of the Monotype Users' Association

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Identifier: REF.TD.2210
Object type: Books
Dimensions: 297 pages : illustrations ; 27 cm
Publication dates: 1966
Publication dates: 1974
Published in association with: The Monotype Corporation Limited
"There are four Parts to this book. Part One provides 'A course in Keyboard Operation'. Part Two devoted to quick-reference 'Adjustments and Replacements', deals with the mechanical features of the machine. Part Three 'Theory' (also quick-reference), offers a useful supplement containing detailed explanation of subjects likely to be encountered by students entering for the City and Guilds examination, while Part Four provides information relating to 14/12 keybank operation." --taken from the introduction.

Manual also includes a bibliography, glossary of terms, and exercises.

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