Love poems for Ceres / Alex Turgeon

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Identifier: FA.B2.2055
Object type: Perfect bindings
Dimensions: 6.3 x 8.7 in;16 x 22 cm
Creation dates: 2017
Created by: Alex Turgeon
Published by: Broken Dimanche Press
Collection of poetry. Perfect bindings. Softcover. 94 pages. Published by Broken Dimanche Press. "'Love Poems for Ceres' is the first collection of poetry by artist Alex Turgeon. The book is a compilation of works over the past three years touching on themes of gender and sexuality in relation to fantastical positions of witchcraft, interplanetary space, cowboy and creation mythologies. This collection of poetry explores a metaphor described in the celestial body of Ceres, the largest object in our solar system's asteroid belt which divides the system between inner and outer planets, as a self portrait existing on the border of an inclusive community and that of an exterior nebulous expanse. Love Poems for Ceres looks at a relationship to a subject who is unable to reciprocate, orbiting an undefined position, and in doing so recounts a fleeting attempt to position oneself against the cosmos within. The poems in this collection have been presented in part or in full at the Contemporary Art Centre (Vilnius), KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Spike Art, Exile Gallery, Gillmeier Rech & Import Projects (Berlin). Love Poems for Ceres will be launched this September at Art Metropole alongside a solo exhibition by the artist at Franz Kaka gallery in Toronto." -- publisher's website