Matrix 27: A Review for Printers & Bibliophiles: Number Twenty-Seven, Winter 2007 / Whittington Press; edited by John and Rosalind Randle

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Identifier: FA.SA1.1472
Object type: Books
Dimensions: 209 p.; 7.8 x 11.25 in
Creation dates: 2007
"This edition of 750 copies is set in Joanna, Goudy Modern, Times Roman, Poliphilus, Pastonchi, Menhart, Bell and Caslon Types, & printed at Whittington on Sommerville Laid, Zerkall mould-made Ingres, Silurian and Halbmatt, Hahnemuhle Bugra-Butten, and G.F. Smith Naturalis papers. The colour and tritone plates [except those on pp. 161 & 203] are printed by CTD Printers, and the plate opp. p. 136 by Apollo Press. 680 copies are bound in stiff covers, and 70 copies quarter-bound in Oasis leather and paper marbled by Christopher Rowlatt, and contain a portfolio of additional material. Bound by The Fine Book Bindery, and edited by John & Rosalind Randle." -- front matter